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Company Daakkvl, s.r.o. with its over 12 years history is focused on Metal working, Tool-engineering, Small and Big steel construction production as well as ighting fixtures design and production.

With our long history we can offer detailed development, precision, good delivery time as well as help with trasportation issues.
We are focusing on customized products based on customers assignment. Our team is capable to help from preproduction part – drawings, 3D models, as well as through production part and instalation part of each project. Comunication as well as all documents can be handeled also in english.

Basic materials we work with are:

Ceiling Mount Russia Pendant TUL Czech Republic Nainstalovaná markýza Únikové schodiště - Nerez
Výrobky - obrábění 2 Markýza po dokončení OK - Posilovna ČL - CS

DAAKKVL, s.r.o.
Chelčického 3097
470 01 Česká Lípa
Czech Republic


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